Reach for the Stars Soft Soles Stripe

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Product Features

The Reach for the Stars Soft Soles are pre-walker shoes that have an aspirational “Dream Big” message that’s easy to get behind. These cute baby girl shoes are made with genuine and premium leather that comes in a creamy white. The delicate light grey stripe pattern also features a mother and baby giraffe in a pink polka dot embrace. These baby shoes are absolutely adorable and come in an infant size 4 shoe and under.

These shoes will support your little one while they roll around and as they make the jump to walking. Allow them to crawl and explore to their heart’s content.


Infant Size 4 Shoes & Under

  • Perfect for pre-walkers
  • Suitable for indoor use and light outdoor activity
  • Approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association
  • The soft suede sole allows for a full range of motion and healthy foot development
  • Kick proof with an elasticized ankle – easy on and off
  • Slip resistant soles
  • Spot clean with a mild detergent & a damp cloth

Sizing Chart

Recommended for pre and early walkers.

0 - 6 months 1 4"
9.8 cm
5.1 cm
6 - 12 months 2 4 7/8"
11.4 cm
2 1/8"
5.4 cm
12 - 18 months 3 5 1/8"
12.4 cm
2 1/4"
5.7 cm
18 - 24 months 4 5 1/2"
13.4 cm
2 3/4"
6 cm

More About Our Product

Cute Baby Girl Shoes Made with Soft, Genuine Leather

Our baby and toddler shoes are made with genuine leather and high-quality materials. Our collections of cute baby girl shoes range from their favorite characters to lovely patterns that will look wonderful with a pair of matching socks. These shoes are great for babies, pre-walkers, and toddlers alike. Plus, Robeez has a stamp of approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association. We’re passionate about supporting your little one as they crawl, explore, and take their first steps. Their foot development is important, and we ensure that the shoes they wear contribute positively to their growth and health.

Kick-Proof Support

Perfect for little ones, and beloved by parents. We create soft and flexible shoes that are easy for parents to put on that stay on — these shoes are kick-proof! Beyond cute baby girl shoes, we also have great options for boys shoes that will become their new favorite kicks to wear. Our shoes are comfortable to wear all day long and are never restrictive.

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