Support For Your Baby Every Step of the Way

Robeez makes their shoes with love and support for your baby at every age. Whether they’re crawling, walking, or running, Robeez toddler walking shoes promote your baby’s growth and development in a natural manner. Join the families who have left loose, unsupportive toddler shoes in the past and see what the hype is about with Robeez baby shoes.

Robeez for Every Step of Your Journey

Whether your little one is learning to crawl or they’re taking their first steps,
Robeez has the perfect socks and shoes designed for every step of the journey.

Promoting Healthy Foot Development 

Approved by the American Podiatric Association, our designs and materials promote healthy foot growth for your baby.

Stay On, Play On

    Our shoes are designed with an elastic band so they can be easily put on and taken off while still staying kick-proof for the baby.

Made From Genuine Leather 

    Robeez baby shoes are made from soft, genuine leather. These shoes have slip-resistant bottoms and they’re loved by parents!

Handcrafted. High-Quality 

    These stylish baby and toddler walking shoes are handcrafted with high-quality materials by people who care!

Robeez Supports You and Your Baby!


Creating A Path

Robeez gives growing infants and toddlers the foundation for taking their first steps. 

Our baby shoes help your little one achieve the very best in healthy foot development, whether it's building arches, strengthening ankles, or improving balance. And, they're the closest thing to bare feet, so those tiny little toes have room to breathe, stretch, and grow. They're easy to wear and style with kid-friendly colors and playful patterns. 

Age-appropriate features go a long way when taking first steps: Flexible Sole | Soft Lining | Breathable Materials | Slip-Proof Bottom 

Stay On, Play On! 

Babies have different needs at different stages of their growth; Robeez gets it. Founded by a mother looking for suitable baby shoes for her own growing baby, Robeez creates non-constrictive shoes and socks that prioritize your crawling baby and walking toddler. We provide multiple shoe lines with a wide range of sizes so you can find your baby’s perfect fit. Give your baby the gift of high-quality comfort from genuine leather and soft soles!

What Makes us Robeez

Robeez is a company founded on creating a solution to a common issue – crafting a pair of baby shoes that are easy for parents to slip on and off, but hard for babies to kick off. 

Robeez creates stylish, high-quality shoe lines at accessible price points — and trust us, these shoes really perform. Robeez baby and toddler shoes stay on all day and are comfortable on the feet to ensure parent and child satisfaction. 

We create shoes for toddlers from 0 to 24 months old — we also have select options for children up to 8 years old. At Robeez, we are dedicated to making comfortable, supportive shoes from all genuine leather to better the lives of parents and their babies. 

We want Robeez babies to play to their hearts’ desires while their feet stay safe and comfortable. #StayOnPlayOn


The Support We Provide

We understand the importance of being gentle with our babies and encouraging their natural foot growth. We’ve managed to create a soft yet structured shoe made of genuine leather that gained the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association! 

Our toddler walking shoes are made with a slip-resistant sole, and elasticated backs to enforce the “stay-on, play-on” aspect, and they allow your baby to continue growing into their next pair of Robeez baby shoes seamlessly. 

Let us support your toddlers as they learn to topple and tumble. We want to be there for every moment and every step!


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