First Kicks

Robeez First Kicks: Baby’s First Shoes

Welcome your little one into the world of walking with stylish, comfortable shoes! Robeez First Kicks promote healthy foot development with a range of sizes, adjustable closures, and slip-resistant soles. There’s no better option for your baby’s first shoes for walking.

Designed So Little Feet Can Stay Safe & Grow Naturally

Your toddler is going to trip and fall a lot — there’s no other way to learn how to walk! But you can always enjoy the relief that Robeez First Kicks are going to prevent unnecessary slips by helping your baby get the traction and security their growing feet need. Our slip-resistant soles are made of embossed suede or split rubber designed for durability and functionality.

Podiatrists say that your baby’s first shoes need to be as close to bare feet as possible to promote healthy growth. We’ve gotten both podiatrists’ and parents’ seals of approval by designing shoes that flex and bend with every step to allow for a baby’s foot to have a complete range of motion. Your kid can wiggle and grow all they like with our range of sizes for growing feet and padded insoles.

Stay On, Play On!

One of the best parts about Robeez First Kicks is that they’ll stay on all day. Our “stay on, play on” mantra is evident in all our soft and secure shoes and socks. No matter how much your baby wiggles, walks, and wobbles, you can rest easy knowing they’re not going to lose their kicks. We designed these baby’s first shoes so your baby will stay safe, comfortable, and secure no matter how many adventures they go on.

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