Snap Booties

Infant & Kid Booties

Robeez snap baby booties are perfect for pre-walkers and beginning walkers alike. These kids booties keep little feet comfy and protected while promoting healthy foot development with our thoughtful designs. No more constantly kicked-off shoes-- they’re easy to put on and stay on all day.

Carefully Made for Little Feet

These soft, breathable designs imitate bare feet as closely as possible so your baby’s feet can grow safely and naturally. These kids booties have a range of sizing options that fit growing feet and give extra space for growth. We put a lot of thought and care into our snap baby booties. The soft design snaps shut easily, and the slip-resistant outsole adds traction to prevent slips and falls for early walkers. These booties are ultra-cozy and super cute to boot!

No More Losing Baby Socks & Shoes

Baby shoes and socks can be a hassle for parents, especially if your toddler is constantly trying to shake them off. The Robeez founders wanted to make sure these snap baby booties were secure enough to stay on, but comfortable and flexible enough to support healthy foot development. These shoes were made to be great for both parents and babies. You won’t have to lose a shoe again with wiggling, kicking toddlers! We also have kick-proof socks you can pair with your shoes for extra comfort and security.

Our easy-on, stay-on booties will make caring for your little one a little bit easier every day.

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