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* Shopping & Orders *

I tried to place an order and it failed (I didn't see any order number), but my credit card got charged! Can you refund my order?

Your bank is withholding the money despite the transaction failed. Rest assured that the unsuccessful transactions will be not charged. Your bank usually releases the amount withheld within 7 business days, and it means that you won't see it in your recent transaction activity after this timeframe.

If you consider trying to reorder, please note that billing address is the address you registered with the bank (the issuer of the specific credit card that you try to use), and it may be different from shipping address. If you still have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us at Customerfirst@Robeez.com.

How do I return or exchange a product?

Our return and exchange address below. Please see policy and instructions in each section:

2725 Tate Blvd SE
Hickory, NC 28602

  • Return

You may return an item to Robeez within 30 days of the original purchase. A full refund — not including the price of shipping — will be returned to your account within 7 days of receiving the returned object.

Items and their packing slips must be sent to the above address. If you lost the packing slip, please contact us at Customerfirst@Robeez.com. We can send one to you.

  • Exchange

You may exchange your baby items within 30 days of purchasing. Just fill out the exchange form we have provided here and pack it in with the undamaged and unworn product you’d like to exchange.

Robeez will only send your new product once receiving the exchanged item from you. Please send the items you’d like exchanged to the above address.

Do you provide return labels?

Sorry, we do not provide return shipping labels. You will be responsible for the return shipping. Once receiving your return, we will process the refunds accordingly as long as they are unworn, unwashed and in their original conditions.


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* Fitting & Sizing *

Are they good for walkers or pre-walkers?

Yes, we have different shoe types to serve both walkers and pre-walkers.

To ensure healthy foot development, we recommend pre-walkers to wear soft-bottomed shoes. Our Soft Soles, Snap Booties, Aqua Shoes and select First Kicks / Sandals / First Kick Boots (age 6 months and less have soft bottoms) are perfect for pre-walkers.

For beginner walkers, more support is needed for them, and we use rubber soles to provide more grips. Water Shoes and Slippers and select First Kicks / Sandals / First Kick Boots (age 6 months and older have split rubber soles) are made for beginner walkers to add durable traction and help prevent falls.

How easy are they to take off?

Just hear from our customers:

These dino shoes are awesome. We get so many compliments on them, they are just so unique. They are very easy to put on and take off, and they stay on my wiggly toddler without coming off. – 5 stars , Alison S.

Ordered these for my 15m old and they are perfect! Easy on, don’t slip off and the suede sole gives good traction. I ordered 12-18 month sizing and it is a perfect fit for my daughter. She wears a size 4 presently. – 5 stars , Colleen M.

I use to buy robeez shoes for my children when they were small ( almost 18 and 19 now) and have saved them. Want this new baby to enjoy them as much as my two did. Easy to slip on and they stay on. Thanks for still being around. – 5 stars , Joanne N.

Regarding how the shoes are opened, all of Robeez soft soles and Aqua Shoes use elastic opening around the ankle to ensure easy on and off. Most of our First Kicks, Boots and Sandals have Velcro strips/bands to make the shoe adjustable to the feet. Some styles use elastic bands.

Am I getting the right size? How do I find my baby’s shoe size?

We recommend referring to our sizing chart where we provide a foot measurement tool for you to print, measure, and determine the best shoe size.

We recommend a slightly larger size so that your baby has room to grow. This way you will get longer use out of each pair of shoes.

There are also tips about how to measure and checking for comfort on our sizing help page. If you still have questions, send us an email at Customerfirst@Robeez.com, we will be happy to assist!

How do I know if my baby is comfortable in their shoes?

There are numerous signs you can look out for to tell if your baby is comfortable in their shoes or if it’s time for them to move up a shoe size.

If your baby:

      • Is constantly stumbling or tripping…
      • Drags the toes of their shoes…
      • Has red imprints of the shoes left on their feet…
      • Is repeatedly taking their shoes off…

…then it may be time to order the next size up of their favorite Robeez shoes. You can always refer back to the sizing chart to determine what size shoes your baby should have next.

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* Product Clean & Care *

Are they washable?

To extend the product lifetime, we recommend to spot clean with a mild detergent and damp cloth.

How do I keep my baby’s shoes clean?

Babies are unpredictable and we understand that there’s no telling what messes they’ll encounter in their Robeez shoes. We recommend you spot clean your shoesoccasionally — using a damp cloth and mild detergent — to guarantee you’re getting the longest life out of Robeez shoes. Here are some DOs and DON’Ts we’ve created for you to make the most of your Robeez shoes:

Cleaning Dos

    • Spot clean as the shoes get dirty with a damp cloth
    • Use mild detergents
    • Air dry (if the shoes feel stiff, you may put shoes in the dryer with NO HEAT on the delicate cycle)
    • Reshape the toe area with a soup spoon

Cleaning DON’Ts

    • DO NOT machine wash
    • DO NOT submerge in water
    • DO NOT dry with heat
    • DO NOT bleach
    • DO NOT iron

For the soles, check suede regularly for worn down areas.  Rub the sole with light sandpaper or a wire brush to regain suede texture.

For Robeez socks, we recommend washing in warm water (do not use bleach) and drying on a low heat setting. Do not iron.

Do these shoes have a warranty?

If the soles develop holes within 3 months of purchase and they have only been used indoors, they are eligible for a replacement from Robeez.

If you have additional questions regarding the warranty on our shoes, feel free to email our customer service at customerfirst@robeez.com. Customer care is of our utmost priority, we want to know if you have questions, concerns, or comments regarding our products. Send us a short description and photos — if you can — of any issues you may be having with our products, and we’ll get back to you.

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* Product Usage & Materials *

Will these shoes hold up outside?

Most Robeez shoes are recommended for indoor use and light outdoor activities. Water Shoes and Aqua Shoes are made for water activities, and are waterproof.

Can I wear the boots outside in the snow?

Robeez boots are not water/snow-proof. They are structured silhouette looks, feels, and operates like a boot, and are best suited for indoor use and light outdoor activities.

Do snap booties have one or two snaps?

All of our snap booties have 2 snaps to adjust to a better fit.

Do you put socks on with these shoes?

We use genuine leathers for Robeez and instead of using harsh toxic chemicals during the tanning process we use vegetable based

Why some baby socks have lining inside, while others don't?

Socks are lined when they have heavier art or placement of art is on the bottom half of the sock that will have more contact with babies’ toes. This is done to ensure that the babies’ toes do not get caught on the inside loops of the socks.

Please follow our sizing chart to choose the right size. Socks should fit correctly with and without the liner.

Are your shoes made with real leather?

MOST of our shoes are made of genuine leather. We use genuine leathers for Robeez shoes. Instead of using harsh toxic chemicals during the tanning process we use vegetable-based oils making it more eco-friendly. 

Do you use non-toxic materials on all your products?

MOST of our shoes are made of genuine leather.

We use genuine leather for our Robeez footwear and instead of using harsh toxic chemicals during the tanning process we use vegetable-based oils making it more eco-friendly. If we ever use organic cotton or any special yarn it will be called out on the product packaging. 

If you have any questions about any specific styles, please contact us at Customerfirst@Robeez.com.

Are your shoes tested?

Yes, all Robeez shoes go through testing – that includes the main shoe material as well as any patches, trims or any other details added to the style.

If you have any questions about any specific styles, please contact us at Customerfirst@Robeez.com.

Where are they made?

Most of our shoes are made in China, but we have some styles were made in India as well.

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