Baby Resources

How to Teach Baby to Walk

28th Jun 2018

Learning to walk is a bumpy process. At roughly 4-6 months your baby will start to sit up all on their own, beginning a new and exciting adventure that will last well into their first year. In-betw … read more

Are Secondhand Baby Shoes Safe?

20th Jun 2018

The hazards of secondhand shoes include structural damage to the feet, the spreading of germs and disease, and increased falls due to worn out safety features. These dangers are present even when … read more

What Are the Benefits of Soft Soled Shoes?

15th Jun 2018

Soft soled shoes have been growing in popularity for several decades, and we can thank recent advances in podiatric science for the uptick in parents choosing health-conscious footwear for t … read more

What are the Developmental Stages of Baby Feet?

14th Jun 2018

Take a look at your baby’s scrumptious, chubby little feet. Aside from being immeasurably cute, they look pretty similar to your own, right? Externally, newborn and baby feet seem to be miniature copi … read more