The Best Baby Christmas Gifts

Posted by Robeez on 8th Nov 2022

The holiday season is right around the corner, and it is time to start planning gifts for everyone on your list. While grabbing toys may seem like an easy and obvious solution for the children in your life, why not consider a more practical gift. When it comes to your little bundle of joy, quality matters. Spread the love and cheer this holiday season with these practical and essential baby Christmas gift ideas.

Toddler with Baby Christmas Gift

5 Comfortable and Practical Shoes

Most parents would agree that there is nothing they won’t do for their children. You want the best for your kids, from when they are first born until they are grown adults. So why not give them the best from their feet up with the best shoes for toddlers.

You may not realize it but providing your toddler with the best shoes can greatly help their foot development. Children’s feet undergo development and growth at each age and stage of childhood. Having the proper footwear is important!

When a baby is first born, they have no bones in their feet. Those first 6 to 10 weeks of your toddler’s life are extremely important for the development of their feet as they grow and ossify. The cartilage compromising newborn feet is extremely delicate – much more so than a grown, adult foot. Damage caused to your toddler’s feet in those early stages can cause development issues, possibly even lasting later in life. Ill-fitting, constricting shoes can hinder foot growth and cause lasting development issues.

For the holidays, gift the little ones in your family with the best kid’s shoes that have a certified stamp of approval by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). High-quality, well-made shoes provide your toddler not only with comfort, but can also help with foot development. Ensuring your toddler's shoes have a roomy fit can help provide extra space for their feet to grow. Help their little feet now with a holiday gift that will help them for a lifetime - they will thank you later!

1. Soft Soles

Soft soles are designed to imitate bare feet, providing your toddler with all day comfort. The best shoes for toddlers offer slip-resistant soles, keeping your kids upright, preventing any accidental slip and falls as they learn to walk. The soft soles found in the best kid’s shoes flex and bend allowing for a full range of motion, further helping with healthy foot development.

2. First Kicks

Everything changes when your little one takes their first steps. They are one step closer to growing up as they embark on this important and exciting developmental change. It also changes which shoes are best for your toddler. They will need even more protection for their feet. These revolutionary shoes have a split rubber sole (for 6 months and older) that grips the floor, adds durable traction, and helps prevent falls. These are the shoes that new and beginning walkers need.

First Kicks makes a great baby Christmas gift for the newly-walking toddler in your life. With a wide range of sizes and styles available, you are sure to find the best pair of shoes for your toddler. A non-constricting slip-on shoe with adjustable closures and lightweight slip-resistant soles will be a game-changer for your toddler’s little piggy toes as they run around!

3. Snap Booties

Keeping your children’s feet warm and cozy in the chilly months can be fashionable and practical with snap booties! Continue to provide them with the best shoes for toddlers in the winter with breathable designs that stay secure on their little feet. Not only are these adorable booties super soft, but they snap on easily, and they have a slip-resistant sole that helps prevent falls as they learn how to walk. They are easy to put on and they stay on all day.

4. Boots

Keep your baby smiling through even the coldest of days withtoddler boots. From cowboy to leather to sherpa, find any boot style you desire. Only the best shoes for toddlers in the winter will keep them cozy and warm, like fur line or suede boots. Made for even the most mobile of toddlers, boots with a cinch at the ankle will ensure your little one stays warm.

5. Sneakers

Sneakers are the best kid’s shoes for the little adventure-seeker in your life. It is important to let your toddler play and explore to further enhance their imagination and development. A little pair of sneakers will allow your toddler to do just that!

Stay-On Socks

Any parent or caregiver to toddlers knows the pain of finding little socks all over the house. As your toddler plays, crawls, and runs around, they seem to always inevitably lose socks. Avoid the pain of finding endless mismatched socks around your house with socks designed with an elastic top band and skid-resistant bottoms. They allow your toddler to play, crawl, kick, and even take their first steps without losing their socks.

These make the perfect baby Christmas gift and just might become your new favorite socks. They may even be more of a gift for mom or dad than the toddler!

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Show your toddler some love this holiday season by gifting them a playful and practical baby product, like the best shoes for toddlers. What an exciting present to open and a perfect addition to your toddler’s closet!

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