6-12 Months

Baby Boy Shoes 6-12 Months

Isn't it amazing how fast babies grow? One day they're tiny little newborns, and before you know it they're toddling around on their own. With that in mind, we've created these Robeez baby shoes for boys. They'll give your little one the perfect amount of support as he starts to explore the world around him. And since they're made from soft and high quality materials, they'll provide all-day comfort too. So let your son take a step in the right direction with Robeez!

Protect Your Son's Tender Feet

With Robeez, you can find durable and comfortable baby shoes for your 6-12 month old boy–no matter the season. Find supportive footwear for your toddler specifically designed for summer activities with our sandals. Your baby boy can explore and play without any restrictions on his developing feet. Plus, they make learning to walk easier, so you know that your child is in good hands. Go ahead and give your little one a pair of Robeez–they'll thank you for it!

Enjoy Comfort and Style with Robeez

Our soft and flexible shoes for 6-12 month old baby boys are designed to support growing feet, making them ideal for both indoor and light outdoor use. They're stylish, promote healthy foot development, and have a certified stamp of approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association. They also have a slip-resistant sole and easily stay on all day long. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and styles that both parents and baby will love. Get your child looking stylish from day one!