Best Sellers

Best Sellers

From Soft Soles, to booties, to socks, Robeez creates products that our customers love and come back to time and time again. Our first walker shoes are created with love, intention, and technology that support the natural growth of your baby’s feet. We make socks, and shoes for babies that are easy to put on and will stay on throughout long days full of play! Here we’ve compiled products that our customers consistently love due to their functionality, and because they’re too cute to pass up! Check out these Robeez best sellers.

First Walker Shoes Made With Love

From its conception, Robeez was a brand dedicated to creating baby socks and shoes that were comfortable, safe, and practical. The reality of having little ones is that it’s messy, and things don’t always go to plan. You left the wipes in the car, your baby lost a shoe in the supermarket. While there’s no magic way to make parenting less chaotic, we can at least help make sure no shoes are lost along the way. Robeez crafts their baby shoes with care so that they’re easy to put on and they stay on all day. Made with quality leather and designs that encourage natural foot growth, these shoes are a gift of love for your child or little loved one.

Measuring and Sizing

If you’re wondering how to find your baby’s perfect shoe size, look no further. Robeez has created resources for you to use when measuring your baby’s feet so you know exactly what size to get them. You can use our own verified measuring tool, or even a tape measure if you have one handy, to take their measurements and use those numbers while you shop for their shoes. Check out our sizing help page so you can be certain you’ll purchase the best-fitting shoes for your baby or toddler.