Gift Sets

Gift Sets

These coordinated baby gift sets make it easy for a parent to put a complete, no-brainer outfit on for a special occasion or for everyday use. Our cute themes and styles are going to elicit an aww from everyone who passes by, and they’re always appreciated at events like baby showers or birthdays. Make your next occasion a breeze with a thoughtful present from Robeez!

Fashionable Gift Sets for Baby Showers & More!

These baby gift sets don’t just look great — they perform wonderfully and are machine washable for effortless cleaning. Robeez designs our toddler socks and accessories with high-quality, durable materials that stand the test of time and whatever messiness your little one comes up with. These gift sets, made up of 2-4 pieces, are made up of matching socks and accessories, featuring an array of themes from dinosaurs to cars to just plain gorgeous items to adorn any little one in!

Looking to pair your baby gift set with some cute shoes? Our shoes have been given the coveted stamp of approval by the American Podiatric Medical Association for allowing a baby’s feet to grow and strengthen naturally. Our kick-proof socks allow your baby to stretch naturally, and they have non-constrictive elastic that keeps them perfectly in place. Cute, comfy, safe, and secure — what more could a parent ask for in a gift?

A Trusted Home for Baby Gifts Online

Robeez has an outstanding reputation for thoughtful products that babies, parents, and podiatrists alike adore. Parents love how easy it is to take our shoes on and off, and our kick-proof socks and shoes have been the saving grace of many a tired footwear picker-upper. If you’re looking for baby gifts online, these Robeez baby gift sets are a parent’s dream.

If you have any questions about our shoes or baby gift sets, we’re here to help! Read our sizing guide to find the perfect fit and contact us for assistance if you can’t find an answer on our site.