9 Easy STAR WARS™ Inspired Snacks Kids Will Love

9 Easy STAR WARS™ Inspired Snacks Kids Will Love

Posted by Robeez on 4th May 2022

In honor of May The 4 th, we’ve collected some of our favorite kid-friendly STAR WARS™ inspired snack recipes from moms across the galaxy. Whether you’re celebrating today, throwing a themed birthday party for your young Padawan, or just looking for a rainy-day activity to entertain your little ones, these snacks are just as fun and easy to make as they are adorable and yummy to eat. All credit for these recipe ideas goes to the creative mom’s & bloggers linked below. Don’t forget to share your snack creations with us on Instagram at  @myrobeez! Happy snacking!

LIGHTSABER™ Inspired Pretzel Rods

We love the sweet details in this easy DIY recipe, but if you're in a bind you can also buy chocolate covered pretzel sticks from the store to save time.


White Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows

Spice up your hot chocolate with these adorable marshmallows and white chocolate recipe!

TIE FIGHTER™ Sweet & Salty Bites

Made from cheese & crackers, and cookies & icing, these fighter inspired bites will satisfy your sweet & salty cravings.


The Ultimate Movie Night Popcorn

Have extra party food left on your hands? Repurpose it for movie night!


Galactic Chocolate Bark

Make it your own with your favorite colors & toppings.


YODA™ Inspired Apples

Peanut butter, marshmallows, and chocolate chips make this apple perfect to try with picky eaters.


WOOKIE™ Cookies

We love these cookies because of how easy they are for kids to help make. This version features a chocolate cookie base, but it works with gingerbread too!

Blue Milk

This take on the iconic blue milk features ice cream and tropical flavors, plus you can sub ingredients to make an adults-only version.

LIGHTSABER™ Inspired Fruit Kabobs

As parents, we'll try any creative way to feed our kids fruit. This one's fun because you can DIY the handles too - so each kid can make their own - a perfect party activity!