Mother Knows Best: Meet Jessica Egan of @oursweetgwendolyn

Mother Knows Best: Meet Jessica Egan of @oursweetgwendolyn

4th May 2021

We’re kicking off Mother’s Day a little early by honoring four rockstar moms who are part of our amazing community. Over the past few months, we’ve worked closely with these mamas and time and time again, we’re in awe of who these women are and how they handle motherhood. We interviewed them for our Mother’s Day series, Mother Knows Best, and we’re excited to share their #relatable responses here! Enjoy and be sure to check back every day this week for another mama spotlight.

Meet Jessica Egan of @oursweetgwendolyn

Get to know the mama whose birth announcement accidentally went viral, and who is opening her heart and finds joy in sharing her life digitally. Jessica's hope is to allow others the opportunity to catch a glimpse of normal life on Instagram and the beauty in having a child with Down Syndrome.

ROBEEZ: What’s one piece of advice you wish you knew when you became a new mama?

JESSICA: The best piece of advice I wish I had known when I became a new mom was that "this too shall pass". I used to get so stressed over different stages that were challenging - sleeping, eating, development - and while yes, these stages can be very difficult, babies are constantly growing. They are learning and changing, and no stage will usually ever be permanent. When you are frustrated, it helps to take a step back and remember that issues will likely resolve quickly and you'll be on to a new challenge in no time!

ROBEEZ: The old saying, "it takes a village to raise a child," is so true especially these days. Who do you lean on for parenting advice?

JESSICA: I think most moms these days lean on a combination of family and friends, but also on an online community. My daughter has Down Syndrome, and so, along with turning to my close family & friends for advice, I also turn to message boards and friends I have met online in the special needs community. It's so nice to find support for literally any unique parenting topic that comes up through the strength of our immediate and social media bonds.

ROBEEZ: We love capturing the magic of life’s everyday moments here, what is one of your favorite everyday moments? And why?

JESSICA: I struggled with infertility so having both of my girls now is a miracle. I also became a mom late in life, at 38 and 41. Each day, my favorite moment is to pause and see my cute daughter toddling about, or to look down at the newborn in my arms, and marvel at how long it took to get here. I am so blessed and it is so easy to remember this each and every day.

ROBEEZ: Our brand started with a Mom, a need and an idea… if you could have one superpower as a mom, what would it be and why?

JESSICA: To have the power to keep my children safe through any amount of danger. There is absolutely nothing else I would want to be able to do, except ensure the absolute complete health and safety of my children.

ROBEEZ: What’s your favorite part of being a mom?

JESSICA: Having a full and complete life that doesn't revolve around me! I was single for many years before finding my soulmate and getting married at 37. Starting our family after that, and getting to experience the joy of focusing on serving the needs of the tiny human beings that are in my care, is life-changing and a breath of fresh air.