Mother Knows Best: Meet Sade Llits of @blackandolive

Mother Knows Best: Meet Sade Llits of @blackandolive

7th May 2021

We’re kicking off Mother’s Day a little early by honoring four rockstar moms who are part of our amazing community. Over the past few months, we’ve worked closely with these mamas and time and time again, we’re in awe of who these women are and how they handle motherhood. We interviewed them for our Mother’s Day series, Mother Knows Best, and we’re excited to share their #relatable responses here! Enjoy and be sure to check back every day this week for another mama spotlight.

Meet Sade Llits of @blackandolive

At Robeez, we believe in the power of community and want to celebrate milestones, create memories and develop a dialogue that’s authentic, supportive, and honest. Which is why we’re honoring Sade today - she caught our attention online by being her unapologetic, truthful self. This self-proclaimed introvert shares her words of wisdom with us below!

ROBEEZ: What’s the best advice your mother gave you?

SADE: My mother is a kind being. She’s taught me to be kind and respectful to everyone, but there is one quote my mom said to me, that her grandmother told her, that’s stuck with me until today. “Cast your bread unto the water, and you’ll find it many rivers down”, which basically means to be generous with a pure heart and you’ll get it back later, maybe even more.

ROBEEZ: What’s one piece of advice you wish you knew when you became a new mama?

SADE: To be patient; personal goals seem to slow down a bit when you have children, and it could be regarding anything, your career, your relationships, social life; whatever it is, you’ll get it back because you will find a way to assimilate and balance out.

ROBEEZ: We enjoy celebrating milestones here, what was the last milestone you celebrated in your home?

SADE: Ollie started walking finally! I was so worried because he’s 17 months and I thought maybe we were doing something wrong. Ollie just needed a little push and encouragement which helped build his confidence, along with Robeez soft sole shoes that allowed him to get a good feel of the floors opposed to hard bottom shoes. Now he’s all caught up and running all over the place.

ROBEEZ: Our brand started with a Mom, a need and an idea… if you could have one superpower as a mom, what would it be and why?

SADE: To be able to get things done extremely fast without getting tired. Being a mom is a never-ending task; the dishes, laundry, cleaning, nurturing, appointments, the list goes on. Some days you just can’t catch up and it’s frustrating. So I would love to get tasks done in a flash without getting tired.


OBEEZ: What was your favorite tradition growing up?

SADE: My favorite tradition growing up is on Sunday’s we would have a big family dinner. Everyone in the house had a task; I of course helped my mom with the food. We’d cook up everything before 11am so we could spend the rest of the day together. At dinner time we’d all sit together, chat, laugh and just enjoy the moment.

ROBEEZ: Five words that describe motherhood to you...