Sun Rainbow Clouds Soft Soles Silver

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    Product Features

    The Sun Rainbow Clouds Soft Soles in Silver is designed with a playful, metallic print that's all sun and games. Not only are these rainbow toddler shoes crafted from premium leather and soft suede, they also come with parent-friendly features that promote healthy foot development. (Including a roomy fit so toes can wiggle and feet can grow comfortably + a slip-resistant sole that grips the floor when the wobbles get the best of baby.) The cinched elastic that hugs the heel? That helps the shoes stay on.

    Product Care

    Spot clean with a mild detergent and damp cloth.

    Sizing Chart

    Recommended for pre and early walkers.

    Soft Sole Benefits

    ·       Approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

    ·       Sizing is roomy to fit different feet and provides extra space for feet to grow—perfect for infants, babies, pre-walkers & toddlers.

    ·       Robeez Soft Soles feature a suede sole that flexes and bends with every step to allow full range of motion needed for healthy foot development.

    ·       With an easy-on, kick-proof, cinched elastic ankle, these rainbow toddler shoes stay on all day long without constricting baby feet.

    ·       A slip-resistant sole grips the floor, keeps kids on their toes & helps prevent falls.